Mexican journalist attempts to prove authenticity of alleged extraterrestrial beings

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.08 - 2023 8:22 AM CET


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In a move that blurs the lines between science and science fiction, the Mexican Congress recently held a riveting second hearing focused on extraterrestrial life and UFOs.

This extraordinary session follows the first-ever congressional discourse on UFOs initiated on September 13th by none other than Mexican journalist and renowned UFO enthusiast Jaime Maussan.

The Enigma of the Peruvian Mummies

Central to this hearing was the intriguing presentation of three-fingered Peruvian mummies.

These ancient relics, introduced as potential evidence of non-human life forms, have ignited a fiery debate among experts. While Maussan and his allies staunchly advocate for their extraterrestrial origin, they cautiously avoid making definitive claims about their cosmic lineage.

The authenticity of these mummies has become a battleground for conflicting scientific opinions. Maussan rallied a cohort of medical professionals who collectively vouched for the mummies' genuine biological nature.

Echoing this sentiment, Anthropologist Roger Zuniga from a Peruvian university highlighted the absence of human manipulation in their formation. Yet, the enigma of their origin persists, shrouded in uncertainty.

This claim was further bolstered by a letter from 11 university scientists, aligning with Zuniga's view, yet leaving the door open on the mummies' extraterrestrial status.

The wave of skepticism

However, not all are convinced. This grand revelation was met with a wave of skepticism, as numerous experts criticized Maussan's display as a mere stunt, previously debunked.

They point to earlier studies alleging that the mummies were mere fabrications, a patchwork of human and animal remains.

Faced with these allegations, Zuniga conceded that some examined specimens might be counterfeit but stood firm on the authenticity of the mummies in question.

The hearing unfolded like a tapestry of diverse narratives.

Argentine surgeon Celestino Adolfo Piotto astounded many by suggesting these beings could be primitive precursors of modern humans. In a stark contrast, the session took a whimsical turn with Mexican rapper Claudio Yarto's claim of personal UFO encounters, punctuating his testimony with a rap verse that captivated the audience.

Watch the "Alien bodies" be put through X-ray machines and CT scans below: