Migration Pact Controversy: Poland Challenges EU Reforms

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.11 - 2024 9:43 AM CET

Photo: Drop of light / Shutterstock.com
Photo: Drop of light / Shutterstock.com
Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has vowed to "protect" Poland.

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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced on Wednesday, April 10, his government's intention to "protect" Poland from the European Union's newly adopted migrant relocation mechanism.

This announcement came as the EU parliament passed significant reforms aimed at overhauling its asylum rules.

EU Asylum Reforms: A Controversial Overhaul

The EU's asylum system reforms, which were approved by the parliament on the same day, are designed to strengthen border procedures and mandate the equitable distribution of asylum-seekers among the 27 member states.

This change requires countries to either accept thousands of asylum-seekers from frontline nations like Italy and Greece or contribute through financial or other means.

"We will protect Poland against the relocation mechanism," Tusk declared to the media in Warsaw.

Despite leading a new governing alliance known for its pro-EU perspectives, Tusk has taken a position that echoes the sentiments of Poland's right-wing PiS party, which has been an outspoken opponent of such reforms.

Leveraging his experience as a former European Council chief, Tusk expressed confidence in his ability to forge alliances that would exempt Poland from the relocation mechanism or the alternative financial contributions for not hosting migrants.

The reform, set to be implemented in 2026, seeks to alleviate the burden on southern EU states currently shouldering the responsibility for the majority of asylum-seekers under the existing rules.

Regional Opposition

The reform has not only faced opposition from Poland but also from Hungary, with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán describing the EU's migration pact as "another nail in the coffin of the European Union."

Orbán's rejection of the pact was shared via a post on X.

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