Military Expert: This Could Be The Reason Behind Russia's Huge Missile Barrage

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.30 - 2023 8:16 PM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
This Could Be The Reason Behind Russia's Huge Missile Barrage.

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At a meeting of the UN Security Council, Vasily Nebenzya, the Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN, responded to the fierce missile attack launched by Russia against Ukraine yesterday.

The attack, which killed at least 31 Ukrainians, targeted various areas in Ukraine, not just military objectives.

During this meeting, Vasily Nebenzya claimed that Ukraine itself was responsible for these deaths. According to him, it was Ukraine's own air defense that caused the fatalities, as Russia allegedly only targeted military objectives with their missiles.

"It's hard to imagine greater cynicism. If it weren’t for the work of the Ukrainian air defense, there would simply be no casualties among civilians," Nebenzya stated cynically according to Lenta.

Possible Reason for the Attack

In addition to Nebenzya's assertion, Yuri Knutov, the director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces in Russia, offered an explanation for Russia's aggressive actions. An attack so severe that Yaroslav Trofimov, the Chief Correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, described it as one of the worst barrages of attacks since the beginning of the war.

According to Yuri Knutov, he believes the reason for the attack was Russia's response to Ukraine's assault on the large landing ship Novocherkassk on December 26th.

Yuri Knutov's claim has not been confirmed by the Kremlin.