Ministry of Defense Partners with DeepState for Frontline Data Exchange

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.13 - 2024 12:24 PM CET

Photo: Kutsenko Volodymyr /
Photo: Kutsenko Volodymyr /
The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has partnered with the DeepStateUA.

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The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine has formed a partnership with the DeepStateUA online battle map service through a memorandum of cooperation.

Announced on Wednesday, March 13, this collaboration aims to facilitate the swift exchange and processing of vital data concerning the frontline situation.

DeepStateUA is known for its interactive map that meticulously highlights war-related information. This new partnership is expected to enhance the efficiency of operations, according to project co-founder Roman Pohorily.

In an effort to document the ongoing conflict, the Ministry of Defense previously urged Ukrainians resisting Russian forces to contribute photos and videos to an archive detailing the war initiated by the Russian Federation against Ukraine.

This initiative began on March 1, signaling the ministry's commitment to leveraging technology and citizen involvement in its informational strategy.

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