More Bad News for Elon Musk: Garbage Collectors Refuse to Pick Up Tesla's Trash

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.14 - 2023 11:07 PM CET

Garbage Collectors Refuse to Pick Up Tesla's Trash.

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"Pick up your own trash, Elon." That's what Swedish sanitation workers are thinking from Christmas Eve, unless Elon Musk and Tesla agree to a collective bargaining agreement with striking mechanics.

Tesla has just lost another battle in the Swedish legal system. On Wednesday, Sweden's Court of Appeal decided that the lower court, the District Court, cannot allow Tesla to collect new license plates from the manufacturer Scandinavian Motorcenter.

This decision came after Sweden's Transport Agency complained about the first ruling. Now, Swedish sanitation workers have joined the chorus of people sympathizing with Tesla's Swedish mechanics by striking.

According to Reuters, starting from December 24th – Christmas Eve – Tesla will not have its waste collected anywhere in Sweden, as stated by the sanitation workers' union – the LO-affiliated 'Transport'.

Furthermore, Tesla is already not receiving maintenance for its charging network in Sweden. Similarly, the Swedish part of PostNord (Postal service) will not prevent its employees from ignoring mail delivery to the car brand.

The sympathy strike has also spread to the rest of Scandinavia. Unions in both Denmark and Norway will thus block new shipments of Tesla models to Sweden.

According to the chairman of the Transport Union, Tommy Wreeth, the union expects that the new blockade will not only affect regular waste collection but will also impact the collection of large amounts of waste that require special handling.

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