More Bad News for Elon Musk: Tesla Under Investigation in Norway

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.21 - 2023 2:33 PM CET

Tesla Under Investigation in Norway.

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As if Elon Musk didn't have enough problems in Scandinavia, where employees in Sweden are striking and both Denmark and Finland are considering following suit, Musk and Tesla are now also facing issues in Norway.

Tesla is currently facing an inquiry by Norway's traffic safety regulator over issues related to suspension failures.

According to Reuters, this investigation could potentially lead to another recall for the electric vehicle manufacturer. The inquiry was launched following reports of consistent problems with Tesla's control arm failures in Norway, which is one of Tesla's largest European markets.

The issue of control arm failures in Tesla vehicles has been a recurring problem, with the company previously blaming drivers for these failures.

However, an investigation revealed that these issues had been a significant concern, with control arm failures being the second-most expensive problem encountered.

This inquiry in Norway represents a significant challenge for Tesla, as the country is a key market for electric vehicles and is often seen as a global testing ground for this technology.

The potential recall and the ongoing investigation highlight the importance of vehicle safety and reliability, especially in the rapidly growing electric vehicle market.