More bad news for Russia: Neighbor won't help

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.29 - 2023 10:06 AM CET

'Neighbor won't help'

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As Russia faces a series of setbacks, including an ally's threat to arrest President Vladimir Putin if he sets foot in their country, another blow comes from Kazakhstan.

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev of Kazakhstan has confirmed that his country will not assist Russia in evading Western sanctions imposed due to the Ukraine conflict.

A series of unfortunate events for Russia

Armenia, embroiled in its own conflict with Azerbaijan, has recently expressed its intent to join the International Criminal Court (ICC), which has called for Putin's arrest. This move by Armenia, a country that has been a close ally of Russia, adds to the growing list of challenges facing Moscow.

In a meeting with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, President Tokayev stated that Kazakhstan has "unambiguously" committed to following the sanctions regime against Russia.

This comes amid suspicions that Moscow has been receiving essential goods via Central Asian nations, including Kazakhstan.

The country shares a 7,500-kilometer border with Russia and has been a close economic and military ally. However, Kazakhstan has been distancing itself from Russia's actions in Ukraine and has not recognized the Ukrainian regions occupied by Moscow as part of Russia.

Kazakhstan's decision could have a ripple effect, encouraging other Central Asian nations to reconsider their long-standing ties with Russia. Western nations are already seeking a more significant role in the region, further isolating Russia on the global stage.

No Fear of Territorial Claims

President Tokayev also dismissed any concerns about Russia making territorial claims against Kazakhstan, stating that the border has been "largely demarcated, confirmed, and ratified" by both countries.

The refusal of Kazakhstan to help Russia bust sanctions adds another layer of complexity to Russia's already challenging geopolitical situation. It signals a potential shift in alliances and loyalties among Russia's neighbors, making the road ahead even more difficult for Moscow.

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