Motorcyclist sees a lady running after a horse: Then he does something that surprises everyone

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.13 - 2023 3:11 PM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
Tha was a really kind act from the motorcyclist.

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A video capturing a high-speed horse chase has gone viral, garnering nearly 500,000 'likes' in less than a week. The video, shot from the perspective of a motorcyclist, shows him coming across a woman frantically chasing a runaway horse.

Realizing the futility of her pursuit, the motorcyclist pulls over and offers her a ride. The woman quickly hops on, and the chase resumes. After several intense minutes, the unlikely duo successfully catches up to the horse.

"I could kiss you," says the grateful horse owner, clearly relieved and thankful for the motorcyclist's assistance.

The video highlights the disparity between the speed of a horse and a human on foot. The motorcyclist's intervention turned the tables, making it a fair chase and ultimately leading to a happy ending.

The video has struck a chord with social media users, showcasing a random act of kindness that turned a potentially dangerous situation into a heartwarming story.

The viral nature of the video not only entertained viewers but also served as a reminder of the good that can come from community support and quick thinking.