Mummies with hair: Unique 1000-year-old child remains excavated in Peru

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.23 - 2023 8:04 AM CET


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Archaeologists in Peru have made a groundbreaking discovery, unearthing four baby mummies believed to be over a thousand years old.

This significant find also includes the remains of an adult, shedding light on the ancient Ichma culture that thrived on Peru's central coast before the rise of the Inca Empire.

The excavation site, once a sacred ritual space, is situated in one of the oldest sectors of modern-day Lima. Remarkably, the mummies retain their hair, a testament to the preservation conditions of the site.

Accompanying these ancient remains were pieces of pottery, adding to the historical richness of the discovery.

Archaeologist Louis Takuda notes the significance of the location, suggesting that the site, featuring a small hill with a staircase, might have once hosted a temple.

"This whole area is a very important ceremonial room," Takuda explains, emphasizing the sacred nature of the site even during the Ichma period. The temple is estimated to have been constructed around 3,500 years ago, making it a focal point of ancient religious activities.

Intriguingly, some of the mummified remains were found at the foot of the temple's staircase, suggesting a ritualistic aspect to their burial.

The Peruvian capital, rich in history, is home to about 400 archaeological ruins, each offering a glimpse into the region's storied past.

This discovery adds to a series of recent archaeological finds in Peru, including a teenager's mummy complete with skin and hair, and an ancient Egyptian tomb containing the oldest known "tumor with teeth." These finds collectively underscore the depth and diversity of ancient cultures in the region.

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