Mystery Shrouds Hospitalization of Russian Propagandist Anton Krasovsky

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.25 - 2023 1:02 PM CET


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Anton Krasovsky, a well-known Russian propagandist and the former head of the Russian-language directorate of the pro-Kremlin TV channel RT, has been hospitalized under mysterious circumstances, prompting speculation of poisoning.

This development comes amidst Krasovsky's controversial stance on the Ukraine conflict and his incendiary comments calling for violence against Ukrainian children.

According to reports from Krasovsky himself via his Telegram channel and sources within Ukrainian intelligence, the incident occurred at the beginning of the week when Krasovsky experienced severe stomach issues, leading to nausea and fainting. Following this, he was promptly taken to a clinic for treatment.

Ukrainska Pravda's intelligence source has suggested that Krasovsky was poisoned, though the details regarding the perpetrator or the motive behind this alleged poisoning remain unclear. The source cryptically remarked, "A bad man did bad things, and then at Christmas he got sick," implying a possible connection between Krasovsky's actions and his sudden illness.

Krasovsky has been a controversial figure, known for his extreme statements advocating the genocide of Ukrainians and specifically targeting Ukrainian children.

His comments have not only sparked outrage but also legal consequences. In February 2023, a Ukrainian court sentenced him in absentia to five years in prison with property confiscation, based on materials provided by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

As Krasovsky recuperates, questions linger about the true nature of his illness and whether it was indeed a targeted attack against him. The incident has further intensified the already strained relations between Russia and Ukraine, adding another layer of complexity to the ongoing conflict.