NATO Presence in Ukraine Not Unthinkable, Asserts Poland in Support of Macron's Call

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.09 - 2024 3:04 PM CET

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Photo: photocosmos1 /
NATO Presence in Ukraine Not Unthinkable, Asserts Poland in Support of Macron's Call.

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The notion of deploying NATO military forces to Ukraine is not beyond the realm of possibility, stated Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski, echoing sentiments reported by Rzeczpospolita. "The presence of NATO forces in Ukraine is not unthinkable," he declared.

Sikorski further noted the utility of French President Emmanuel Macron's remarks on NATO troops in Ukraine for exerting pressure on Russia. During a visit to the Czech Republic, Macron urged allies of Kyiv to ramp up their support for the Ukrainian Armed Forces (AFU), emphasizing the current situation requires Europeans to "forget about cowardice."

"As Europeans, we are indeed approaching a moment when we all need not to be cowards," French President Emmanuel Macron articulated, sparking a wave of criticism across various countries, including France itself, where protests erupted against the deployment of military personnel to the country.

Former French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin warned of the nuclear escalation risks posed by potential NATO force deployment in Ukraine, labeling such a decision as unacceptable.

Macron's Call Seen as a Risk to the US

Following Macron's statement, tensions between Berlin and Paris have escalated, despite Macron later clarifying that Germany was not the target of his comments, as Politico reports.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius described the French leader's call as counterproductive. "Actually, we don't need to talk about boots on the ground or about being more or less courageous," he stated, underlining that Macron's approach "actually does not help to solve the problems" faced by the European Union in supporting Ukraine.

Former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter accused Macron of attempting to drag the US into war with Russia, arguing that France lacks the military power to significantly assist Kyiv and would thus turn to NATO allies.

"What happens when they engage with Russia? What happens when Russia destroys these forces? Then France will scream: 'NATO, come to our aid!'" former American intelligence officer Scott Ritter cautioned.

Polish general and former commander of the country's land forces, Waldemar Skrzypczak, believes the conflict in Ukraine is a matter for NATO, yet emphasized the alliance's inability to participate "in a military sense," warning that such actions could escalate the conflict into a third world war.

Kremlin Accuses Macron of Seeking Greater French Involvement in Conflict

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stated that Macron's remarks aim to further involve France in the conflict in Ukraine. "Mr. Macron is convinced of his line to inflict a strategic defeat on our country. He continues to increase the level of France's direct involvement in this war," Peskov remarked, considering such actions contrary to French interests.

He also highlighted the inconsistency of recent statements from Paris: on one hand, Macron began discussing the possibility of deploying military contingents to Ukraine; on the other, France's Foreign Minister categorically denies this.

"There is active discussion both within France and within Europe," concluded the Kremlin's official representative.

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