NATO: Ukrainian Strikes Cut Russian Oil Refining by 17%

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jul.10 - 2024 8:22 AM CET

Ukrainian attacks have impacted the Russian economy.

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During the NATO summit in Washington, a high-ranking NATO official revealed that recent Ukrainian strikes on Russian territory have had a considerable impact on the Russian economy. This was reported by European Pravda, citing a source attending the summit.

By using various types of weapons, including drones, Ukrainian forces have penetrated deep into Russian territory and inflicted damage on oil refineries and energy infrastructure.

This has directly affected Russia's energy export capabilities.

"We clearly see that Ukraine's strikes on Russian territory are impacting the Russian economy, oil refining, and energy exports," the official stated.

The official noted that the volume of Russian oil refining has decreased by about 17% due to these strikes. As a result, Russia has implemented internal restrictions on gasoline exports and other measures.

"In May, the United States stated that strikes by Ukrainian drones on Russian energy infrastructure at the beginning of this year disabled 14% of Russia's oil refining capacity and led to an increase in domestic fuel prices," the official added.

Continued Impact Expected

The official anticipates that these impacts will persist as Ukraine continues to target the Russian energy sector.

In March, media reports suggested that the US had allegedly asked Kyiv to stop striking Russian refineries and other energy infrastructure.

But Ukraine's ambassador to the US, Oksana Markarova, confirmed that she had not received any official messages from Washington prohibiting such actions.