Nearly Half of Poles Fear Russian Attack on Poland

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.22 - 2024 9:02 AM CET

Mircea Moira /
Mircea Moira /
A survey shows that almost half of the Polish population believes that a Russian attack on Poland is likely.

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A recent survey shows that almost half of the people in Poland think it's possible that Russia's conflict with Ukraine could spread to Poland.

The study, done by United Surveys for RMF FM, found that 47% of those asked see a Russian attack on Poland as likely.

This figure has gone up by 16 percentage points from a similar study conducted in May 2023.

Specifically, 12% are sure an attack will occur, while over 35% think it's quite likely.

However, just over 38% of participants don't believe in the likelihood of Putin's forces targeting Warsaw.

With the number of undecided people staying nearly the same as last year, more Poles are adopting a gloomier view as they keep a close watch on the war, sociologists note.

Furthermore, two years into the conflict, nearly half of the Polish population fears it will end in the ruin of both Ukraine and Russia.

It's also noted that while European support for Ukraine remains strong, only 10% are confident in Ukraine's victory over Russia after two years of fighting.

Moreover, even though almost 80% of Ukrainians still see Poland as a friend, this sentiment has dropped from six months earlier, with fewer people viewing Poland as "unequivocally friendly."

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