New Details Emerge in Prague Shooting: The Shooter Had Planted a Bomb

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.22 - 2023 10:43 AM CET

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According to Czech media the shooter, David K, had plantet a booby-trapped explosive system.

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In a shocking revelation from the ongoing investigation into the murder in Hostoun, which we reported in connection with the shooting at the Faculty of Philosophy in Prague, sources close to the investigation have provided new details.

According to Czech media, The investigation has uncovered the dangerous nature of the 24-year-old man involved. In Hostoun, he is believed to have killed his father and taken several weapons with him. However, that was not all.

According to two testimonies, a booby-trapped explosive system was placed in this house. "It consisted of pressure cylinders, ammunition, pyrotechnics, and chemicals," a source told on Thursday evening.

"I wasn't on the site, but I saw the documentation. It looked like something in a bunker. The cylinder was large, connected to several cables, which in turn led to another device. In my opinion, this device also contained a system that would have caused an explosion," the source explained.

Subsequently, we verified these statements with another criminal investigator from the Central Bohemian Region.

"I can confirm that there was an explosive system, and it definitely wasn't a joke. It was made with the intent to kill and destroy, which is also confirmed by the semi-automatic AR15 rifle that the individual used. In the house, pressure bombs were found, connected to another device. I won't elaborate further," the investigator detailed.

As a result, pyrotechnics experts were called to the scene.

In the evening, it was also discovered that the police are searching for at least three vehicles. They are believed to be used by someone close to the perpetrator, identified as vehicles of the KIA brand.

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