New Russian threat against Finland: 'They are on the edge of the metaphorical Iron Curtain'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.22 - 2023 8:01 AM CET

Photo: Twitter / Youtube
Photo: Twitter / Youtube
They are on the edge of the metaphorical Iron Curtain.

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Russian propagandists have turned their attention to Finland, issuing warnings and expressing discontent over the Nordic country's recent policy shifts.

Sergey Mardan, a prominent voice in Russian propaganda, has highlighted Finland's role as a crucial location for the elites of Petersburg and hinted at the resurgence of the Iron Curtain.

"What Finland is doing now is not akin to the previous actions of the Baltic countries or Poland. There is absolutely no correlation. The Finns once again stand at the edge of the metaphorical Iron Curtain, states the Russian propagandist." Mardan states in a video shown on Twitter.

Finland's Growing Distance from Russia Finland's move away from its historically neutral stance towards Moscow has been a point of contention for Russia.

The country's recent actions, including joining NATO and tightening border controls for Russian citizens, have sparked frustration in the Kremlin, as evidenced by the increasing propaganda efforts.

Targeting Finland: A new propaganda focus

Mardan and other Russian propagandists have criticized the Helsinki government for what they call an "act of disobedience," warning of serious consequences.

Mardan emphasizes that Finland's current actions are distinct from those of the Baltic countries or Poland, placing Finland at the forefront of a metaphorical Iron Curtain.

Impact of closed borders and veiled threats

Mardan argues that closing the border will adversely affect both Russians and Finns, particularly in terms of trade between Petersburg and Helsinki. Alongside these economic concerns, he also issued a veiled threat of potential military actions against Finland.

"We will start building up our forces on the border. We'll display our power," warned the radio presenter from Komsomolskaya Pravda.

This is not the first instance of Russian propagandists targeting Finland. The initial wave of open attacks began when Finland decided to join NATO.

Yesterday, a Russian TV host threatened invasion. Read more about it below.