News anchor breaks down on live TV

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.04 - 2023 9:19 AM CET

Photo: Youtube
Photo: Youtube
News anchor breaks down on live TV.

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A distressing TV clip featuring a news anchor and a TV correspondent is rapidly spreading across the globe, gaining traction on social media and major international news channels.

In the clip, which takes place in the Gaza Strip, a news anchor hands over to one of the channel's correspondents. (The clip can be seen at the bottom of this article)

The correspondent, Salman Al Bashir, reports the death of one of his colleagues in the conflict between the designated terrorist group Hamas and Israel, stating that journalists are being killed one by one.

During the live broadcast, the female news anchor begins to cry, while the correspondent nearly breaks down.

The TV colleague, Mohammad Abu Hattab, had been reporting live for viewers on Thursday evening from Nasser Hospital in Gaza. Thirty minutes after returning home, he was killed, as reported by his TV channel. Additionally, 11 members of his family and relatives were killed, according to CNN.

The American TV channel has not been able to confirm who carried out the bombing, which the victim's TV channel attributes to Israel.

The clip that is now quickly spreading worldwide shows the TV channel's news anchor passing the audio and visual feed to another correspondent.

"We can't take this anymore. We are exhausted," says the correspondent on live TV. "We are waiting for our death. We die one by one, and nobody cares about us," states correspondent Salman Al Bashir.

He comments on the lack of protection, stating that there is no international safety for them. While saying this, he removes his helmet and bulletproof vest, which are marked with "PRESS" in large letters.

At least 33 journalists have been killed since the outbreak of the war, including 28 Palestinians, 4 Israelis, and one Lebanese.

The dramatic TV clip is now being reported by BBC, India Today, and CNN, among others.

The conflict began with a particularly brutal and cruel act of terror when Hamas, which is recognized as a terrorist organization by several countries, killed over 1,400 Israeli residents, including women, children, and the elderly. The Hamas terrorists, coming from Gaza, cold-bloodedly murdered innocent people simply because they were Israelis/Jews, or because they were in Israel.

Following this, Israel launched attacks against Hamas in Gaza, and the death toll is rapidly increasing, including many civilians.

CNN reports that 9,025 people have been killed, but these figures come from the Palestinian Ministry of Health in Ramallah and are based on sources from the Hamas-controlled area, which CNN emphasizes.

The heartbreaking video can be seen below. If the embed doesn't show please follow the link instead.