Nicolas Cage announces his approach to retirement from film

Written by Jeppe W

Dec.05 - 2023 12:11 PM CET


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Nicolas Cage, a prominent figure in Hollywood with a career spanning over 100 roles, has announced that he is nearing the end of his journey in filmmaking.

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, tied to the promotion of his new film ‘Dream Scenario’, Cage revealed that he might only have "three or four films left in him."

This statement marks a significant moment in Cage’s illustrious career, highlighting a potential shift in his professional focus. He expressed a sense of fulfillment with his contributions to film art, saying, “I feel I’ve said what I had to say with film art.” This sentiment reflects Cage’s belief that he has taken his film acting as far as he can.

At 59 years old, Cage is also contemplating how he wants to spend the latter years of his life. One priority he mentioned is spending more time with his family, a decision that underscores the personal considerations behind his professional choices.

Interestingly, Cage hinted at a possible venture into a new domain – the world of television series. Apart from a pilot episode he shot at 15, he has never been involved in a series. “Maybe it’s time to look at the immersive streaming experience,” Cage mentioned, indicating his interest in exploring the boundaries of screen performance in a different format.

The actor, known for his eclectic and intense performances, leaves the door open for future opportunities, stating, “I don’t know. I have to look for the next step, and I haven’t found it yet.”

Nicolas Cage’s upcoming film ‘Dream Scenario’ is set to be released in Danish cinemas on February 8, 2024. This announcement is sure to resonate with his fans and followers, as it signals the closing chapters of one of the most unique and diverse acting careers in Hollywood.