Nikki Haley Vows to Triumph Over Trump in Presidential Race

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.21 - 2023 2:14 PM CET

Nikki Haley Vows to Triumph Over Trump in Presidential Race.

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In a recent interview on Fox News, GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley confidently declared her intention to defeat Donald Trump in the upcoming election, emphasizing her capability to win without judicial assistance.

This declaration followed the Colorado Supreme Court's ruling to exclude Trump from the state's primary ballot, a decision based on an amendment related to insurrection, which Haley criticized as a dangerous precedent.

Gaining momentum in the polls, Haley is emerging as a formidable contender.

"The idea that judges are going to take it upon themselves to decide who can and can't be on the ballot is truly unthinkable. I am going to defeat Donald Trump on my own. I don't need a judge to go take him off the ballot."

She has shown significant progress in key states like New Hampshire and is now tied with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for second place nationally, though still trailing behind Trump.

Trump's campaign faces challenges following the Colorado ruling, which he is set to contest in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Haley's recent remarks and the evolving legal situation around Trump's candidacy underscore the competitive and complex nature of the 2024 presidential race.

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