Nine Arrested After Attack on Paris Police Station

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.18 - 2024 10:01 AM CET

Photo: WIkimedia Commons
Photo: WIkimedia Commons
In France, nine people were arrested after an attack on a police station in the Paris suburb of La Courneuve late Sunday night.

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In the aftermath of a attack on a police station in La Courneuve, a suburb of Paris, French authorities have detained nine individuals.

The incident, which occurred late Sunday night, involved assailants launching firecrackers at the facility and setting fire to garbage cans, according to a police source quoted by BFM TV.

This confrontation comes in the wake of the death of a young man last week, who was fatally injured after failing to heed police instructions to stop while riding a scooter. The incident has heightened security concerns for France, especially with the Paris Olympics on the horizon, starting July 26.

The summer of 2023 saw similar unrest, sparked by the police shooting of a teenager of North African descent, leading to vandalism of some Olympic facilities in Paris.

The recent spotlight on La Courneuve follows the tragic event of Vanis R., an 18-year-old from the town, dying during a police pursuit on Wednesday night. A crime squad car, called for assistance, collided with the scooter he was driving, resulting in his death and injuries to his passenger.

Footage of the incident circulated widely across social networks and media, stirring public outrage.

Amid conflicting narratives, the family's lawyer has accused the police of intentionally hitting the scooter, while police representatives maintain their account of the accident.

As Paris prepares for the Olympic Games, French security forces are set to conduct screenings of up to a million people, including athletes and residents near vital infrastructure, to prevent further incidents. The Summer Olympics are scheduled to run from July 26 to August 11, followed by the Paralympic Games from August 28 to September 8, with locals already being advised to anticipate logistical challenges.