Nine Arrested in Poland for Alleged Russian-Ordered Sabotage

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.21 - 2024 8:40 AM CET

Photo: DarSzach /
Photo: DarSzach /
In Poland, nine people were arrested on suspicion of sabotage on the orders of the Russian Federation.

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Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has announced the arrest of nine individuals suspected of engaging in sabotage activities within Poland on behalf of Russian services. Tusk shared this information during an appearance on TVN24.

According to the Prime Minister, similar sabotage efforts are believed to be occurring in other European countries, including Lithuania, Latvia, and potentially Sweden.

"As for acts of sabotage and sabotage, this is a very serious issue. It concerns several European countries," Tusk stated.

The arrested suspects in Poland are accused of carrying out various acts, including beatings, arson, and attempted arson. Among the detainees are individuals from Ukraine, Belarus, and Poland.

"At the moment, we have nine suspects under arrest, accused of directly participating in acts of sabotage in Poland on behalf of Russian services," Tusk said.

One incident involved an attempt to set fire to a paint factory in Wrocław, which is located near a chemical plant. Polish authorities, working closely with allied services, thwarted this attempt, confirming the involvement of Russian operatives beyond doubt.

In addition to the incidents in Poland, acts of sabotage have been reported in Lithuania, including the arson of an IKEA warehouse.

Polish authorities have not ruled out the possibility that these incidents are linked to hostile foreign actors.

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