North Korea has given Russia ballistic missiles and launchers, says U.S. National Security Council spokesperson

Written by Jeppe W

Jan.05 - 2024 11:58 AM CET


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North Korea has reportedly provided Russia with ballistic missiles and missile launchers, which have already been used in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, according to a statement by U.S. National Security Council Spokesperson John Kirby.

This development was disclosed during a recent briefing, highlighting the escalating nature of military support in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Kirby specified that these North Korean missiles were deployed in attacks conducted on December 30, 2023, and January 2, 2024, indicating a significant enhancement in Russia's military capabilities in the region.

This move marks a notable escalation in the types of weaponry being used in the conflict.

The transfer of ballistic missiles and launchers from North Korea to Russia had been previously hinted at by Kirby in October 2023, when he noted that North Korea had supplied Russia with military equipment and ammunition.

Bloomberg reported that over one million artillery rounds were part of this transfer, underscoring the depth of military cooperation between North Korea and Russia.

This recent revelation about the provision of ballistic missiles adds a new dimension to the ongoing conflict, potentially altering the dynamics on the ground in Ukraine. The international community, particularly those supporting Ukraine, may need to reassess their strategies in light of this development. The use of these advanced weapons systems by Russian forces could have significant implications for the course of the conflict.