Obama's former campaign manager drops unsettling alert

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.07 - 2023 8:23 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Obama's former campaign manager drops unsettling alert

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In a confidential memo that has now been leaked, Jim Messina, who once managed Obama's campaign, expressed grave concerns about the role of third-party candidates in the upcoming election. This is according to AnalyzingAmerica.

He emphasized that these candidates could be detrimental to Joe Biden's reelection efforts, potentially tipping the scales in favor of Donald Trump, who is currently leading in multiple polls.

Messina was unequivocal in his memo, stating, "No matter the candidate, no matter the funds, they will not win any electoral votes. The real issue is whose votes they will siphon off."

He further stressed the importance of not diverting votes that could otherwise help defeat Trump. "The last thing we need is to create a pathway that makes it easier for Trump to win," he wrote.

Messina also sought to alleviate Democratic concerns about Biden's physical and mental state, urging people to focus on the numbers and the cards each candidate holds.

"If you had to choose, you'd rather be in Biden's shoes than Trump's," he noted.

He ended his memo by addressing the Democratic Party's historical tendency to worry excessively, citing past electoral losses as the root cause.

"We've been conditioned to expect the worst because of past Republican victories and the shocking loss of Hillary Clinton. But we need to stop buying into every negative narrative," he concluded.