Orbán's Outrageous Outburst

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.22 - 2023 8:08 AM CET

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Photo: Shutterstock.com
Orbán's Outrageous Outburst.

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Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has launched a forceful attack against the Western world.

The leader, who has consistently delayed Sweden's NATO application, is now launching an outrageous assault against Sweden – and the rest of the Western world.

The Prime Minister has made a "diagnosis" and claims that Western countries are being consumed by some kind of disease.

"A disease is gnawing at the organization of Western democracies," says Viktor Orbán during a press conference in Budapest, according to Barrons.

"An Evil"

Viktor Orbán argues that the disease in question is a form of "evil" spreading among EU and NATO countries.

He speaks generally about Western democracies, including Sweden, but the specific examples he cites involve the United States and Poland.

For instance, he attacked Colorado's recent decision to disqualify Donald Trump as an eligible candidate in the state, and the Polish decision to shut down the TV channel TVP Info.

"We must be vigilant because there is a major Western democracy where, if I understand correctly, they want to block a presidential candidate by placing legal obstacles in his way," says Orbán, according to AFP.

"We are seeing strange things today, let's say in the democratic Western world."

"Hungary Would Have Been Invaded"

But Orbán didn't stop there.

The next Western country to be criticized was Germany.

"I see another country, equally important, where a party with significant parliamentary representation is put under surveillance," says the Hungarian leader, referring to the German far-right party AfD.

If all this had happened in Hungary, NATO troops might have already intervened, which also raises the issue of double standards.

"Being Blackmailed"

On Thursday, Viktor Orbán also took the time to speak directly to the EU Commission regarding the large aid package the union is trying to prepare for Ukraine – which has been blocked by Hungary because the EU has not wanted to release frozen assets to the said country.

The Prime Minister calls it "blackmail."

"In our opinion, Hungary fulfills all the qualities of a rule of law, and when the European Commission has specific needs, we implement everything from them, and we are also cooperative," says Orbán, according to Politico.

"You cannot blame me for doing everything I can to promote Hungary's interests in such a blackmailed situation."

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