Ozzy Osbourne with heartbreaking health news: Can't perform

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.10 - 2023 9:08 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
Ozzy Osbourne, the iconic Black Sabbath frontman, is deeply saddened that he won't be gracing the stage at this year's Power Trip festival.

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Scheduled to perform in Indio, California alongside renowned bands like Metallica, AC/DC, and Guns N’ Roses, Osbourne had to pull out due to health concerns.

In a heartfelt statement released in July, he expressed his unwillingness to deliver anything less than his best, stating, "my body is telling me that I’m just not ready yet and I am much too proud to have the first show that I do in nearly five years be half-assed."

The weight of this decision has been heavy on Osbourne. His family, particularly Sharon and Kelly Osbourne, have been vocal about the emotional toll it's taken on him. Kelly, in a conversation with Rolling Stone, mentioned, "We can’t talk about it in the house because it is just so heartbreaking to see that all he wants is just one more show." Sharon echoed these sentiments, highlighting how difficult it is for Ozzy to watch his peers perform while he remains sidelined.

Kelly further elaborated on Ozzy's dedication to his fans, stating that he could potentially perform if he were to sit in a chair during the show. However, Ozzy's commitment to giving his fans the full experience they've paid for means he wouldn't consider such a compromise.

In light of Osbourne's absence, Judas Priest has been slated to fill his spot at the Power Trip festival on Saturday, October 7. Despite the setback, Osbourne's passion for performing remains undiminished. Earlier this year, he expressed his desire to continue performing, even after announcing his retirement from touring.

This decision to retire came after a fall at his Los Angeles residence, which necessitated neck surgery.

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