Parents baffled by 10-year-old's tricky math homework question

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.06 - 2023 7:42 AM CET

Photo: Twitter/@annabotting
Photo: Twitter/@annabotting
Parents baffled by 10-year-old's tricky math homework question.

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In a moment that left many parents scratching their heads, a math question intended for 10-year-olds has gone viral for its complexity. The question was shared by Sky News presenter Anna Botting, who posted her daughter's homework on Twitter.

The question read: "At the beginning of the day, Hasim counted his money. He gave his brother 1/3 of his money. He spent £12 on a present for his sister. He then counted what he had left, and it was half what he had at the beginning of the day. How much did he give his brother?"

Photo: Twitter/@annabotting

The question sparked a lively debate online, with many adults admitting they found it "definitely difficult for a 10-year-old." Some even confessed they "can make no sense of that at all," while others mistakenly worked out the wrong answer.

Those who followed the instructions to "show your method" used algebra and other mathematical techniques to solve the problem. One person suggested replacing unknown numbers with letters and working through the problem.

Photo: Twitter/@callum_nowacki

The correct answer

The correct answer is that Hasim gave his brother £24. The solution involves turning the one-third and one-half amounts into the same denomination, which gives two-sixths and three-sixths.

The £12 Hasim spent represented the final sixth of the funds, meaning he started the day with £72, gave £24 to his brother, spent £12 on a gift, and had £36 left over.

This math question serves as a reminder that education is not just about rote learning but also about critical thinking and problem-solving. It also highlights the importance of reading questions carefully and understanding what is being asked.

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