Passenger Prevents Major Accident on FlixBus Journey

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.11 - 2024 11:56 AM CET

Passenger Prevents Major Accident on FlixBus Journey.

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A quick-thinking passenger on a FlixBus prevented what could have been a major traffic accident, saving the lives of approximately 50 other passengers.

On February 4th, while traveling from Paris to Brussels, Ward Van Roy from Belgium noticed something was wrong as the bus began to swerve and hit the guardrail upon entering the Belgian motorway, according to EuroWeekly News.

Immediate Response

Van Roy told Flemish radio that he immediately sensed trouble and approached the bus driver, initially thinking the driver had fallen asleep and attempting to wake him. However, upon closer inspection, Van Roy realized the driver was unresponsive, staring straight ahead without reaction.

Taking Control

In a critical moment, Van Roy managed to take control of the steering wheel. He moved the driver's feet off the accelerator, placed his own on the brake, and steered the bus away from potential disaster.

"The other passengers were in shock. They were screaming or completely petrified. I'm obviously not used to driving a bus, so when I pressed the brake - a bit hard - everyone started screaming even more," Van Roy recounted.

Emergency Aid

Once the bus was safely stopped, the driver received first aid from a passenger who was a doctor until the ambulance arrived. It was later revealed that the driver had suffered a stroke.

Thanks to Van Roy's swift action, a significant traffic accident was averted, highlighting the importance of quick thinking and courage in emergency situations.

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