Peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine getting closer?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.04 - 2023 7:23 PM CET

Photo: Presidents Office
Photo: Presidents Office
Peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine getting closer?

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U.S. and European officials have initiated discreet discussions with Ukraine about potential peace negotiations with Russia.

This is reported by NBC.

These talks have considered what concessions Ukraine might need to make for a deal.

The dialogue reflects the current military stalemate and political concerns in the U.S. and Europe, with fears that the war's prolonged nature could strain the ability to sustain aid to Ukraine.

The Biden administration is particularly concerned about Ukraine's dwindling forces against Russia's larger reserves.

There's also a noticeable decline in public interest in the war, which could impact future aid. Some U.S. military officials have used the term "stalemate" to describe the situation, suggesting that the conflict has become a war of inches.

While the U.S. has committed substantial financial support to Ukraine, there's an acknowledgment that discussions about peace should intensify before the year's end. However, any decisions about negotiations rest with Ukraine.

The U.S. has no indication that Russian President Vladimir Putin is ready to negotiate, and both nations are facing challenges in maintaining military supplies.

Public support for aiding Ukraine is waning, with a recent Gallup poll indicating a shift in American sentiment.

In Europe, there's also a softening stance towards assistance. As winter approaches, concerns grow that Russia may target Ukrainian infrastructure to exacerbate the civilian struggle during the cold months.