Pentagon Reports: Ukraine War Costs Russia Over $211 Billion and Significant Military Losses

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.17 - 2024 8:21 AM CET

Ukraine War Costs Russia Over $211 Billion and Significant Military Losses.

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The Pentagon has disclosed significant details about the impact of the ongoing conflict in Ukraine on Russia, nearly two years after the full-scale invasion commenced. According to the U.S. Department of Defense, Russia has incurred costs of up to $211 billion due to military operations in Ukraine. Additionally, the conflict has led to the suspension or cancellation of Russian arms sales worth $10 billion. This is reported by Defensenews.

The toll on Russian naval power has been substantial, with at least 20 medium to large vessels sunk in the Black Sea. Furthermore, the human cost has been steep, with 315,000 Russian soldiers reported killed or wounded.

These figures were shared by a senior defense official under the condition of anonymity, highlighting the Pentagon's analysis of the war's financial and human costs to Russia.

This disclosure aligns with the U.S. strategy to support Ukraine, a democratic ally, in its defense efforts while simultaneously weakening Russia, regarded as a significant adversary by the U.S. The Pentagon aims to underscore the extensive support provided to Kyiv and the consequential strain on Russia's military capabilities.

Despite these revelations, the situation on the ground remains challenging for Ukraine. The eastern city of Avdiivka is particularly critical, with Ukrainian forces nearing a breaking point after months of defense efforts. The potential fall of Avdiivka to Russian forces would signify a significant territorial gain for Russia, reminiscent of its capture of Bakhmut the previous year. The defense official cited ammunition shortages as a primary concern, exacerbated by the Pentagon's depleted funding for Ukraine aid.

The ongoing conflict and its ramifications have prompted the White House to request an additional $60 billion in aid for Ukraine. Although this proposal gained bipartisan support in the Senate, its prospects in the House remain uncertain due to opposition from key figures.

The international community continues to rally in support of Ukraine, with recent meetings of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group resulting in pledges from Canada and Germany to bolster Ukrainian military capabilities. Despite this global backing, the absence of new U.S. aid allocations underscores the critical need for supplemental funding to sustain Ukraine's defense efforts.

As the conflict endures, the urgency for additional support is evident, with the Pentagon stressing the indispensable role of further aid in ensuring Ukraine's resilience against Russian aggression.