Peskov Dismisses Bild's Claims of NATO Preparing for War with Russia as 'Canard'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.15 - 2024 12:41 PM CET

Peskov Dismisses Bild's Claims of NATO Preparing for War with Russia as 'Canard'.

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In a recent development, Dmitry Peskov, the Press Secretary of the Russian President, has labeled the report by the German publication Bild, which suggested that NATO is preparing for a potential conflict with Russia, as nothing more than a canard.

This statement came in response to a query from a correspondent of URA.RU, seeking Peskov's comments on the matter.

Bild had earlier reported, citing secret documents from the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces), that there was an impending escalation of the conflict between Russia and NATO.

According to Bild's report, the documents detailed a scenario where NATO, anticipating aggressive moves from Russia, was gearing up for a potential military confrontation.

The report outlined a series of events that could lead to a significant military engagement as early as 2024, involving the mobilization of additional Russian forces and a series of aggressive actions.

However, Peskov's response to these allegations was dismissive.

“I would not comment on this message from Bild. Lately, this publication has not shunned publishing various canards,” he stated. This comment from the Kremlin's spokesperson suggests a strong denial of the claims made by Bild and indicates Russia's stance on the matter as being dismissive of the allegations.

The situation highlights the ongoing tension and the complex narrative surrounding the NATO-Russia relations. While Western media and intelligence reports often suggest a heightened state of alert and preparedness for potential conflicts, Russia's response tends to downplay or outright deny such claims. This latest exchange between Bild's report and Peskov's rebuttal exemplifies the contrasting perspectives and the charged atmosphere in international relations, especially concerning the NATO-Russia dynamic.