Peskov responds to Zelensky's remarks: Kyiv unlikely to succeed in assassinating Putin

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.21 - 2023 2:35 PM CET

Kyiv unlikely to succeed in assassinating Putin.

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Dmitry Peskov, the spokesperson for Russian President Vladimir Putin, has responded to a controversial statement made by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

In an interview with The Sun, Zelenskyy had asserted Ukraine's right to target Putin if the opportunity arose, framing it as a defensive measure for the country.

Peskov's reaction, as reported by TASS, was to highlight the frequency of verbal threats directed at Putin from various levels within Ukraine.

"If you remember, there have been verbal attempts on Putin’s life from Ukraine many times at various levels. We are well aware of this. They will not succeed," Peskov states.

He confidently stated that Russia remains resolute in achieving its objectives in the conflict with Ukraine. This exchange of words between the two countries' representatives underscores the heightened tensions and the complex dynamics of the war.

Zelenskyy's bold statement came against the backdrop of Russia's continued efforts to undermine his leadership. He equated the right of Ukraine to target Putin with Russia's attempts to eliminate him, emphasizing the dire situation Ukraine faces in defending its sovereignty.

This ongoing verbal sparring between Russia and Ukraine is not just a reflection of the current military conflict but also an indicator of the deep-seated animosity and strategic posturing on both sides.

The use of such high-stakes rhetoric in international discourse raises questions about its impact on diplomatic relations and the potential escalation of the conflict.

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