Poland 'Warns' Putin: "We Can Do Something Unexpected"

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.15 - 2024 8:59 PM CET

Photo: photocosmos1 / Shutterstock.com
Photo: photocosmos1 / Shutterstock.com
The head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs says it's important to keep Putin worried about the West's potential moves.

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Radosław Sikorski, the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has issued a stark warning to Vladimir Putin, suggesting that the West could take actions that the Russian president would not anticipate.

In an interview with "Gazeta Wyborcza," Sikorski emphasized the importance of keeping Putin worried about the West's potential moves.

"The point is to make Vladimir Putin worry about what we will do to him. And we can do something he does not expect," Sikorski stated.

A Shift in France's Stance Since the War's Outset

Sikorski was also asked about the evolution of France's position since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, where initially President Emmanuel Macron sought mediation, to his recent statements not ruling out the possibility of sending NATO troops to aid Ukraine.

"We all tried to persuade Russia to behave according to certain rules. [...] I think that in the period leading up to the war and for some time after its outbreak, President Macron hoped that Putin would show reason and make a rational calculation based on his interests, and that France could play the role of a mediator," the head of Polish diplomacy remarked.

"Eventually, he had to recognize that it was hopeless, that this man never keeps his word," he added.

Sikorski to Putin: We Too Can Do Something Unexpected

"President Macron has adopted our perspective that Putin only withdraws when he encounters effective resistance. [...] I think Macron decided to abandon a traditional approach that revealed to Putin what would not be done against him, which gave him freedom to shape the situation to his advantage," Sikorski explained.

"Instead, Macron wants Putin to worry about what we will do to him. And we can do something he does not expect. It is we, not Putin, who control the so-called escalation ladder. I completely agree with this approach," he clarified.

"Putin Would Face Years of Guerrilla Warfare"

Sikorski explained that Vladimir Putin is not only fighting the Ukrainians but also the vast Ukrainian landscape. "Ukraine is twice the size of Poland, with huge distances between cities. [...] If Russia wanted to control such a large area, it would need very, very many soldiers," he added.

He believes Ukrainians have shown Putin that they are a separate nation and do not want to live under his rule. Therefore, even if the front were to collapse, which is unlikely, Putin would have to contend with years of guerrilla warfare.

"Remember how strong the resistance was that Ukrainian partisans put up against the Bolsheviks during the civil war. [...] After World War II, Ukrainian partisans were active until the 1950s," he recalled.

"If Putin is allowed to conquer Ukraine, he will not stop there. Stopping Putin will then be more difficult because Russia will have access to industrial and human resources," Sikorski stated. "Meanwhile, America, to strengthen Europe, will have to use more resources and more people.

This is not a desirable scenario. That's why - as we explained in the USA - Putin must be stopped in Ukraine," he emphasized.

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