Police confirm explosion in Copenhagen

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.09 - 2023 10:45 AM CET

Police confirm explosion in Copenhagen.

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In a recent development, Copenhagen Police have confirmed that an explosion occurred in a clubhouse belonging to a criminal gang.

The incident is being investigated as a deliberate act and is considered part of an ongoing gang conflict.

Massive Police Presence

Early Saturday morning, police and emergency services were heavily deployed in the area around Ørnevej and Svanevej near Nørrebro Station in Copenhagen's Nordvest quarter. The area remains cordoned off for investigation.

Espen Godiksen, the duty officer at Copenhagen Police, confirmed their presence at the Hells Angels' clubhouse on Svanevej. According to police reports, there have been no injuries.

"We assess that there is no danger to the surrounding residents. However, due to the investigation, we have cordoned off a large area and will be present for several more hours," the police statement read.

The explosion took place in a clubhouse on Svanevej, which is linked to one of the groups involved in the current gang conflict.

The police are treating the explosion as a deliberate act connected to this ongoing strife.

The incident adds another layer of complexity to the already tense situation in Copenhagen, raising questions about public safety and the effectiveness of current measures to curb gang violence.

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