Police officers couldn't believe their own eyes: Is that a dog driving?

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.01 - 2023 9:46 AM CET

Photo: Facebook
Photo: Facebook
The police officers probably had to rub their eyes an extra time to make sure it was actually what they were seeing.

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In a peculiar incident that has left many puzzled, a speed camera in Senica, Slovakia, captured a dog seemingly "driving" a car. While the photo has amused many, it has also led to a fine being issued by the police.

However, the reason for the fine is not what you might expect.

The speed camera in Senica snapped a picture of a car exceeding the speed limit. What caught everyone's attention, however, was the dog sitting in the driver's seat. The photo quickly went viral, leaving people both amused and puzzled.

The police decided to issue a fine, but not for the dog's "driving."

Instead, the car owner was fined €25 ($26) for not properly securing the animal in the vehicle.

According to Slovak law, pets must be adequately secured while traveling in a car to ensure they do not distract the driver or cause an accident.

The incident has sparked a range of reactions online. While some find the photo hilarious, others are concerned about the safety implications. "It's funny, but also a bit irresponsible," commented one user. Another added, "I hope this serves as a lesson for pet owners to secure their animals properly."