Polish PM Donald Tusk Calls War in Ukraine 'A Battle Between Good and Evil'

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.22 - 2024 8:44 PM CET

Photo: Ukrainian Presidential Press Service
Photo: Ukrainian Presidential Press Service
Polish PM Donald Tusk Calls War in Ukraine 'A Battle Between Good and Evil'.

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Poland's Prime Minister, Donald Tusk, during his visit to Kyiv, described the ongoing war in Ukraine as a battle between "good and evil." This marked Tusk's first visit to the war-torn neighboring country since being re-elected as Prime Minister.

In a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj, Tusk emphasized the critical nature of the conflict. "I am not ashamed to use grand words: it is here in Ukraine that the front between good and evil lies," Tusk stated according to Al Jazeera, promising enhanced Polish support for Ukraine.

Tusk committed to expanding Poland's financial and military assistance to Ukraine, vowing that his government would do "everything" within its power to aid the eastern neighbor. "The security of the Polish nation and state is also at stake in this battle," he added.

Zelenskyj highlighted the importance of unity between Ukraine and Poland, and between Ukraine and other European countries, as a "strong shield" against Russian attempts to divide Ukraine's western supporters. "The unity in all of Europe must not be lost," Zelenskyj remarked to Tusk shortly after an air raid alarm sounded in Kyiv.

Tusk's visit comes as part of a series of visits by European leaders to Kyiv in recent weeks, aiming to assure the Ukrainian government of ongoing support.

The visit also aimed to discuss tensions between the two neighboring countries, including the blockade by Polish truck drivers at the Ukrainian border that lasted from November until last week. The drivers demanded the reintroduction of restrictions on Ukrainian imports, which were relaxed at the outbreak of the war in February 2022.

The visit occurred following a weekend in which Russia accused Ukraine of being behind a fire at one of Russia's major natural gas facilities, the Novatek plant in Ust-Luga by the Baltic Sea, which caught fire due to a presumed Ukrainian attack on Sunday.

Russia has also directed several attacks against Ukraine's infrastructure in recent days and weeks, highlighting the ongoing tensions and challenges in the region.

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