Prague Shooting: Everything We Know About The Shooter David K. And His Intentions

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.21 - 2023 7:37 PM CET

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Czech Republic has witnessed the worst mass shooting in its history. What do we know so far about the shooter who took the lives of at least fifteen people?

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According to Czech media Idnes, the 24-year-old mand named David K. from Kladno in Czech Republic, first killed his father, then he went to school to continue his killing spree, causing the biggest massacre in the history of the Czech Republic.

David K. was a student at the Faculty of Philosophy of Charles University in Prague. Last year, he completed his bachelor's degree in History - European Studies and even received an award for his final thesis this year.

"He was a quiet guy, an introvert. He didn't talk much with us," described one of the students who graduated with him, wishing to remain anonymous. Another classmate, who had previously attended Malostranské Gymnasium with him, said, "I vaguely remember him; he was a year above me, but always more of an inconspicuous person who didn't talk much to anyone."

Warning on Telegram

On Thursday afternoon, the police confirmed that David K. was the writer of a channel on Telegram, created on December 9 under his name.

He added posts in Cyrillic script, writing that the profile would be his diary and that he wanted to commit a school shooting, possibly even suicide. The next day, he added that he was inspired by Alina Afanaskina. However, according to him, she did not kill enough people, which he intended to rectify.

He was referring to Russian schoolgirl Alina Afanaskinova, the perpetrator of a mass shooting at a school in Bryansk, where two people died and others were injured on December 7, before she committed suicide. In subsequent posts, the author referred to Afanaskinova, writing that she helped him a lot. According to the post, he always wanted to kill, stating that mass murders are more advantageous than serial ones.

The following posts then describe his relationship with the world.

Photo: Telegram

Photo: Telegram

He says he hates everyone and that everyone hates him. He planned to leave as much pain as possible.

The last post is dated December 19, where the author writes about unbearable ringing in his ears.

During Thursday's attack, he directly killed at least fifteen people, and one person is believed to have died after falling from the building while trying to hide. David K. then killed himself.

According to the Czech media an expert who wished to remain unnamed, the shooter had a gun license and was a customer of a Prague gun store.


According to several media outlets in Czech Republic, the 24-year-old man might also be behind last weeks murder of a 32-year-old mand and his 2-month-old child.

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