Predicting Putin's Downfall: Former CIA Chief Foresees 'Black Swan' Palace Coup

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.23 - 2023 11:59 AM CET

Former CIA Chief Foresees 'Black Swan' Palace Coup.

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Jack Devine, a former veteran chief of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), has predicted a dramatic end to Vladimir Putin's reign, foreseeing a 'Black Swan' palace coup that could topple the Russian president.

According to, Devine, who served in the CIA for three decades, shared his insights with The Sun, stating that Putin's disappearance could happen unexpectedly, possibly as a result of actions taken by elements within the Russian government.

The speculation about Putin's future has been fueled by Russia's challenging performance in the war with Ukraine and persistent rumors about Putin's ill health.

The situation was further complicated by an armed uprising led by warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin and his Wagner Group mercenaries, which ended in Prigozhin's death for disloyalty.

Devine, who has led thousands of spies on covert missions worldwide, believes Putin's unpredictable and dangerous behavior, particularly his invasion of Ukraine, has sown the seeds of his political demise. He predicts that Putin's popularity will continue to decline as the war drags on, despite his determination to fight "no matter what it takes."

The ongoing stalemate in Ukraine is likely to be the catalyst for Putin's downfall, according to Devine. He suggests that a palace coup could occur, especially if the war results in a "permanent stalemate." Military analysts increasingly agree that Putin's power is waning, and his end could be near, whether due to a coup, assassination, regime collapse, or failing health.

Devine also highlights the strategic implications of the European Union's efforts to include Ukraine, which would offer NATO protection, representing a significant loss for Putin. He expresses concern that the situation is unlikely to improve soon, with both sides unwilling to compromise despite mounting costs.

Devine warns that Putin's successor may not be dramatically different, emphasizing the importance of monitoring the 'Axis of Evil' comprising China, Iran, and Russia. He notes Putin's expansionist efforts are currently psychological and political, particularly in non-European regions.