Pregnant lioness Aysa abandoned in Ukrainian Zoo amid war: Now there's heartwarming news

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.24 - 2023 1:17 PM CET

Now there's heartwarming news.

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Yorkshire Wildlife Park is in the process of securing permission to bring a lioness and her cubs from war-torn Ukraine to the UK.

The lioness, named Aysa, was pregnant and abandoned in a private zoo in Donetsk during the onset of Russia's invasion. She later gave birth to three cubs—Teddi, Emi, and Santa—at another Ukrainian facility.

Current status of the lions

Presently, Aysa and her cubs are temporarily housed at Poznan Zoo in Poland.

According to BBC, The wildlife park near Doncaster, South Yorkshire, aims to relocate them to the UK before Christmas. The park's spokesperson stated that they are committed to offering the lions "a better life and a brighter future."


This initiative comes after the park recently announced the death of Simba, a 14-year-old lion, due to age-related health issues. Simba was one of 13 lions rescued from Oradea Zoo in Romania in 2010, where they were found in deplorable conditions.

Colin Northcott, the Deputy Section Head of Carnivores at the park, visited Poland to evaluate the condition of Aysa and her family. Initially, the lions were "fearful and distressed," but they began to trust Northcott over time.

The park emphasized that their facility was built as a welfare center for lions and that they hope to make a significant difference in the lives of these animals.

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