President Joe Biden Triumphs in South Carolina Democratic Primary

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.04 - 2024 7:42 AM CET

President Joe Biden Triumphs in South Carolina Democratic Primary.

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President Joe Biden emerged victorious in the Democratic primary in South Carolina this past Saturday, securing a commanding lead, as reported by Edison Research and echoed by Reuters.

With minimal competition in the race, Biden's performance was under scrutiny, especially considering his appeal among black voters, a key demographic in his electoral base.

With 86% of the votes tallied, Biden has garnered a staggering 96.3% of the vote, totaling 85,635 votes. He significantly outpaced his primary competitors, U.S. Congressman Dean Phillips from Minnesota and author Marianne Williamson, known for her work in personal development.

Reflecting on the victory, Biden's campaign highlighted the pivotal role South Carolina voters played in revitalizing his 2020 campaign, leading to his eventual triumph in the presidential race. "In 2020, South Carolina's voters were the turning point for our campaign, setting us on the road to the presidency," a statement from Biden's campaign noted.

The campaign also emphasized the critical support of South Carolina in 2024, viewing it as a decisive step toward securing another term and defeating Donald Trump once more.

Biden's success in the 2020 primaries, bolstered significantly by the African American vote in South Carolina, was seen as a key factor in his eventual election to the presidency, underscoring the state's continued importance in his political strategy.

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