President orders weapons to Ukraine stopped

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.06 - 2023 5:09 PM CET

President orders weapons to Ukraine stopped.

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Slovakia's President has ordered a halt to arms shipments to Ukraine. The decision comes after a recent election in Slovakia where the winning party, Smer, expressed its intention to stop military aid to Ukraine.

Robert Fico, the leader of the Smer party, stated during the campaign that not "a single bullet" should be sent to Ukraine.

Jana Kobzová, the foreign policy advisor to the President of Slovakia, explained to Ukrainska Pravda that the current outgoing government has limited powers according to the constitution.

Furthermore, the political parties currently negotiating to form a government are opposed to providing military aid to Ukraine. Recent data from Slovakia's Scientific Academy revealed that the country is experiencing "solidarity fatigue."

Over half of Slovaks believe that Ukraine is being helped "too much," and 55% think that arms shipments only prolong the war.

The halt in arms shipments from Slovakia follows a similar move by Poland three weeks ago, which also paused its arms shipments to Ukraine.

The Polish government cited the need to replenish its own stockpiles as the reason for the pause.