President warns: If Ukraine fails we will be next

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.30 - 2023 7:25 AM CET

'If Ukraine fails we will be next'

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Georgian President Salomé Zourabichvili has issued a stark warning about the potential consequences if Ukraine succumbs to Russian aggression.

In an interview with LRT, a Lithuanian TV channel, she stated that if Ukraine falls, Russia will likely target either Georgia or the Baltic states next.

Zourabichvili emphasized that the ongoing conflict in Ukraine is not just a regional issue but a battle for the future of democracy in Europe.

She expressed confidence that Ukraine would prevail, citing the country's resilience and the failures of Russian military strategy.

Putin's failed ambitions

According to the Georgian President, Russian President Vladimir Putin has already lost the first round of this geopolitical struggle. She pointed out that the constant changes in Russian military commanders and strategy indicate that Putin has not achieved his objectives.

She described Russia's current approach as more of a "KGB-like war" than a conventional military conflict.

In the backdrop of this, Zourabichvili has been on a European tour to promote Georgia's EU candidate status, a move not approved by her country's government.

This has led to threats of impeachment, highlighting the internal political tensions within Georgia as it navigates its foreign policy.