President Zelensky Shakes Up Inner Circle, Dismisses Key Aides

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.30 - 2024 10:38 AM CET

Photo: paparazzza /
Photo: paparazzza /
A presidential assistant and three advisers have been dismissed by President Zelensky.

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President Volodymyr Zelensky has parted ways with a cohort of top advisers and aides, including his first assistant Serhiy Shefir, marking a notable shift in his administration.

The decrees, made public through the president's official website, have stirred discussions about the implications for Ukraine's future policies and internal governance.

A Trusted Circle Redefined

Among those dismissed were Serhiy Shefir, long considered a personal friend and one of Zelensky's most reliable confidantes.

Their bond stretches back to the 1990s, a testament to their enduring partnership through various phases of their careers, from entertainment to the highest echelons of political power.

Shefir's departure, alongside three presidential advisers, a commissioner for the rights of the military, and a commissioner for volunteer activities, underscores a significant recalibration within Zelensky's team.

The Backstory of an Alliance

Zelensky and Shefir's relationship began in the entertainment industry, where they collaborated within the KVN team “Zaporozhye - Krivoy Rog - Transit,” with Shefir contributing as a joke writer.

Their collaboration extended into Zelensky's entertainment company, “Kvartal 95,” laying a foundation of trust and mutual understanding that would later transition into the political arena.

This reshuffling follows closely on the heels of another high-profile dismissal - that of Alexei Danilov from the post of Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, replaced by Alexander Litvinenko, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Danilov's removal from a role he held since October 2019, coupled with the latest firings, suggests a broader strategy of renewal and realignment within the Ukrainian leadership, though the precise motivations remain unspoken.

The decrees did not specify the reasons behind these dismissals, leaving room for speculation and analysis about the potential drivers behind this significant political move. Whether these changes are a response to internal political dynamics, strategic recalibrations, or other considerations is yet to be disclosed, keeping political analysts and observers on the lookout for further developments.

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