Princess Ira Von Fürstenberg Passes Away

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.20 - 2024 9:53 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
Italian princess and actress Ira Von Fürstenberg has died at the age of 83.

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This news was reported by the Italian media outlet Corriere della Sera.

Ira Von Fürstenberg was the daughter of the Austro-Hungarian Prince Tassilo von Fürstenberg and Clara Agnelli, one of the heirs to the automotive giant Fiat.

In addition to her title as a princess, Ira Von Fürstenberg also made her mark in several films as an actress. Later on, she distinguished herself as a jewelry designer.

However, it was the more scandalous stories that Ira Von Fürstenberg was especially remembered for.

Rumors circulated that she was the mistress of Prince Rainier.

Rainier was originally married to Grace Kelly, and together they had children Caroline (67), Albert (65), and Stephanie (59). Today, Albert is the Prince of Monaco.

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