Psychologist analyzes Putin's behavior: The west needs a new strategy

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.18 - 2023 7:30 PM CET

According to the psychologisk the west needs to change it's strategy.

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A leading psychologist has conducted an in-depth analysis of Russian President Vladimir Putin's behavior, suggesting that Western countries need to rethink their approach towards Russia.

The psychologist, who has studied Putin's public appearances and speeches, argues that the Russian leader's actions are driven by a complex set of motivations that are often misunderstood by Western policymakers.

"Putin is not just a straightforward aggressor as many in the West believe. His actions are calculated and are part of a broader strategy," the psychologist said according to polish RadioZet.

She emphasized that understanding the psychological factors that influence Putin could be key to developing a more effective Western strategy.

The psychologist pointed out that Putin's behavior often reflects a deep-seated need for control and a desire to restore Russia's status as a global power.

"He is motivated by a sense of historical injustice and a desire to reclaim what he believes Russia has lost," she added.

She also noted that Putin's actions are not solely aimed at provoking the West but are also designed to consolidate his power domestically. "He uses foreign policy to strengthen his position at home, often creating external conflicts to divert attention from internal issues," she explained.

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