Public outcry follows Putin's recent speech

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.06 - 2023 10:17 PM CET

Public outcry follows Putin's recent speech.

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One of the most contentious points in Vladimir Putin's recent speech at the 20th meeting of the International Discussion Club Valdai was the issue of mobilization.

Comments flooded social media platforms like RuTube, with many Russians demanding the return of citizens mobilized in the fall of 2022. "Our motherland has betrayed us," read one comment, echoing the sentiment of many. "Neither we, nor our people are slaves" read another comment.

In an attempt to quell the rising discontent, Russian authorities have started to crack down on online discussions.

Astra Channel reported that Roskomnadzor and the General Prosecutor's Office are targeting groups on VKontakte started by wives of the mobilized. These groups, along with posts tagged with hashtags like "bring the boys back," have been blocked.

During his speech, Putin vehemently denied Russia's involvement in initiating the conflict in Ukraine. He accused the West and the United States of "expansion" and spoke about the "cruel legacy of Western political culture."

All this while a Russian missile struck a shop and café in the Ukrainian village of Hroza, killing 51 people and injuring seven more.

Putin also touched upon the conditions under which Russia might use nuclear weapons, stating that such an action would be considered if Russia's existence as a state were threatened. However, he assured that there is currently no such threat.

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