Putin alters strategy, targets NATO

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.02 - 2023 10:49 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Putin alters strategy, targets NATO.

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In a significant shift, Russian President Vladimir Putin has changed his military strategy, now focusing on NATO. This alarming development was reported by The Telegraph and comes amid escalating tensions between Russia and the Western alliance.

According to a document recently made public by The Telegraph, the Kremlin's new approach states that Russia now considers NATO's military infrastructure as potential targets. This is a departure from the previous strategy, which was more defensive in nature.

NATO officials have expressed concern over this change in stance, citing its potential to destabilize global security. "This is a serious matter that could destabilize the international order," said a NATO spokesperson, as reported by The Telegraph.

The document also outlines Russia's plans to modernize its military capabilities. This includes the development of new weapons systems and technologies, aimed at countering NATO's military advantage.

Experts, as cited by The Telegraph, believe that this change in strategy could be a response to NATO's eastward expansion, which Russia has long opposed. "This is a clear signal that Russia is willing to take a more aggressive stance," said a military analyst.

As tensions continue to rise, both sides are closely monitoring each other's actions. NATO has increased its military presence in Eastern Europe, while Russia is conducting more military exercises near the NATO borders.

The international community is watching closely as this new strategy unfolds, with many concerned about the potential for increased conflict.