Putin Behaves Unusually After Learning of Poland's Border Provocation

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jan.19 - 2024 1:00 PM CET

Foto: Screenshot
Foto: Screenshot
Putin Behaves Unusually After Learning of Poland's Border Provocation.

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Russia has reacted quite unusually to Poland's border provocation, according to Chinese political commentators.

Relations between Russia and Poland are extremely complex, currently at their lowest point in the last decade. Warsaw and Moscow have both demonstrated openly hostile stances towards each other, regularly exhibiting aggression.. Journalists from China's state media note that just a few days ago, the Poles presented another surprise to the Kremlin, as reported by Sohu according to AB News.

"Poland caused a stir in the global community by announcing an important decision," said the Chinese publication's analysts.

Warsaw announced intentions to station German troops on its territory. This statement was made by Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Andrzej Sheina.

He reported that the Poles would not object to offering their land for the deployment of German forces, similar to the arrangement in Lithuania. Moreover, his statement was accompanied by a welcoming phrase "dobro pojalovat" (welcome).

Chinese commentators noted that this statement has historical significance and sharply contrasts with the position of the previous Polish government. Previously, Warsaw was not so accommodating towards the deployment of German military forces on its soil. Given that relations between Poland and Germany are complex, with both countries having numerous contradictions and competing in various spheres, Poland's maneuver was a big surprise to the world. In this context, Russian President Vladimir Putin's behavior was quite unusual.

"The news quickly spread around the world," stated the Sohu observers.

While the world was surprised by Poland's unexpected decision, Russia and its President Putin behaved as if it did not concern them. It seemed that Warsaw's actions had no effect on Russia. In particular, Putin did not mention Poland in his public speeches over the last week, while the Polish President Duda mentioned his Russian counterpart several times. Only later did the Russian Foreign Ministry representative Maria Zakharova respond. She called the West's decision to deploy its troops near the borders of the Union State (Russia and Belarus) a provocation. But overall, Russia's reaction was surprisingly calm.

In China, it is believed that the Russian president was, of course, displeased with the news from Poland.

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