Putin: Biden Calling Me a "Crazy S.O.B." is "Absolutely Reasonable"

Written by Camilla Jessen

Feb.23 - 2024 2:09 PM CET

Foto: Screenshot
Foto: Screenshot
Russian President Vladimir Putin has reacted to US President Joe Biden calling him a "crazy son of a bi**h," seeing it as a perfectly logical reaction.

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In a video released by the Kremlin, President Putin responded to President Biden calling him a "crazy son of a bi**h." This came after Putin praised Biden over Trump as the preferable U.S. president for Russia.

Putin saw Biden's harsh words as a natural reaction, saying, "And judging from what he has just said, I am absolutely right. Because this is a reasonable response to what I have said.

Why? Because he couldn't just tell me: 'Well done, Vladimir, thank you, you’ve helped me a lot"

Despite the insult, Putin mentioned he hasn't changed his opinion and still views Biden as a favorable choice for Russia.

Background information reveals that Biden's comment was made during a public speech, which the Kremlin criticized heavily. There are also reports of Biden using strong language privately, especially regarding Donald Trump.

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