Putin Claims Nearly 700,000 Troops Engaged in Ukraine Conflict

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.15 - 2024 10:31 AM CET

Photo: Screenshot
Photo: Screenshot
Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed that nearly 700,000 Russian troops are currently involved in the conflict in Ukraine, marking a significant increase in military presence and shedding light on the ongoing intensity of the war.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin disclosed that almost 700,000 Russian soldiers are currently involved in the conflict in Ukraine.

This statement was made during a meeting with participants of the "Time of Heroes" program, as reported by TASS.

Expanding the Offensive in Kharkiv

Putin emphasized the strategic importance of advancing in the Kharkiv region to push the front line back and reduce the risk of attacks on Belgorod.

He acknowledged that while the desired depth of 10-17 kilometers might not entirely eliminate the threat of long-range strikes by Ukrainian forces, it would significantly mitigate it.

"Regarding the Kharkiv direction, where you fought, we are simply forced to push the front line back to reduce these terrorist attacks on Belgorod and other settlements," he stated.

Rising Numbers in the Conflict

In January, Putin had mentioned that 600,000 troops were deployed in the combat zones. The current figure indicates an increase in Russian military presence.

The President also commented on the significant casualties suffered by both sides, claiming a ratio of one Russian to five Ukrainian soldiers.

This would imply approximately 10,000 Russian soldier casualties per month, totaling 270,000 over the 27 months of the war, with around half of these being fatalities.

Contrasting Casualty Reports

However, these figures vary from other sources. The UK Ministry of Defence reported that by the end of April 2024, Russian forces had sustained 450,000 casualties, including both deaths and injuries, excluding losses from private military companies like Wagner. Last August, U.S. intelligence estimated Russian casualties at 360,000, with 120,000 deaths.

Media outlets such as Mediazona and the BBC have confirmed the deaths of 50,000 Russian soldiers. Their data reveals that 43% of these casualties were not part of the military at the onset of the full-scale invasion, with 18% being prisoners, 13% volunteers, 12% mobilized personnel, and the affiliation of 28% remains unidentified.