Putin Delivers a big Message

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.02 - 2023 8:09 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Putin Delivers a big Message.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has declared a significant increase in the size of the Russian army, a move seen as a response to what he describes as "aggressive activities of the NATO bloc." According to AFP, the Russian military will see an increase of 15 percent in troop numbers, equating to 170,000 new active-duty soldiers.

This announcement comes amid ongoing conflict in Ukraine, with both Russia and Ukraine striving to gain ground and bolster their forces. The frontlines have largely remained static in recent months.

Growing Threats to Russia

The Russian military attributes this expansion to the growing threats facing the country, linked to the special military operation and NATO's continued expansion. This increase in full-time army strength is seen as a "sufficient" response to the perceived NATO threat.

Despite this expansion, the Russian military assures that it will not affect conscription or other Russian mobilization campaigns, which have faced extreme unpopularity within Russia. Many Russian men have attempted to leave the country following Putin's orders for successive mobilizations.

Tactical Shift

Russia is reportedly shifting tactics, focusing on remote regions and offering attractive economic incentives in its recruitment campaigns.

However, the Russian opposition claims this is essentially a "hidden" mobilization, with men continuing to be sporadically drafted into the army.

Controversial Recruitment Practices

Recently, it was revealed that Putin pardoned convicted cannibals, sending them to the frontlines in Ukraine. Reports have also emerged of Russian forces using Ukrainian prisoners of war in their army, potentially violating international law.

According to the think tank ISW, as reported by CNN, Russian authorities have likely coerced Ukrainian prisoners of war to join a "voluntary" formation to fight in Ukraine, a clear breach of the Geneva Convention on prisoners of war.

Putin's announcement and the subsequent military actions highlight the escalating tensions and complex dynamics of the ongoing conflict in Eastern Europe.

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