Putin Initiates Action in NATO Country Today

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.23 - 2023 6:33 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
Putin Initiates Action in NATO Country Today.

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About a month ago, Finland decided to close its border with Russia.

The reason was a sudden influx of migrants appearing from the Russian side, intending to seek asylum in the EU country.

The Russian regime was identified as responsible for the rush, and the tactic has been called "hybrid warfare" by the Finnish government.

"We accept no attempts to undermine our national security," said the country's Prime Minister Petteri Orpo at the end of November.

Reports: Initiating New Operation Today

Now, Russia is reportedly doing the same thing again, but in a different part of Europe.

The Putin regime also includes a new country in the operation.

According to Germany's largest daily newspaper, Bild, Russia has established a new airline in Turkey.

The intention is to organize a stream of refugees to Europe through the NATO country, thereby causing chaos on the continent.

As early as today, December 23, the first airplane is supposed to have taken off.

"Polish security authorities explicitly warn of a 'new, organized rush of refugees via Russia and Belarus'," the German newspaper reports.

Flying to Minsk

One of the airlines identified in the operation is the Turkish Southwind.

Yesterday, Friday, Belarusian authorities also announced that the company will start flying between the major cities in Turkey and Belarus.

Belarusian Belavia also flies between the two countries. The airline is nominally Turkish but is not subject to EU sanctions and can therefore fly directly between Istanbul and Minsk.

"Controlled from Russia"

However, it is Southwind that is primarily portrayed as an airline that, through abnormally cheap ticket prices, will fly migrants from Turkey to Belarus, who will then be sent further into the EU.

According to Bild, the airline in question is controlled from Russia, even though its headquarters are in Turkey.

"Three of their airplanes and most of their staff come from 'Nordwind Airlines,' a Russian airline based in Moscow," the newspaper reports.

"Helping Them with Bolt Cutters"

Tensions between Poland and Belarus have increased over the year after a large number of migrants tried to cross the border into the EU from the dictatorship.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has for several years threatened to send immigrants to Poland.

"The Belarusian border guards help the migrants with ladders and bolt cutters to get over the fence," reported Krystina Jamkimik Jarosz, a border police officer, to Ekot last summer.

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